Dhanushkodi – A Land Lost To The Ocean!

We had planned a one-day family trip to Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi. After visiting Devipattinam and the temples in Rameswaram, we took a ride to Dhanushkodi, the abandoned town.

A little bit of history…

Being a seashore town, Dhanushkodi was quite frequently exposed to cyclones and storms. A part of the town had even sunk down during the 1948-1949. But, it was in 1964, when nature finally decided to unleash its fury with cyclonic storms that killed almost 1800 innocent lives. After that, the town was declared unfit for living and eventually abandoned. The locals told that almost 2.5 km of the town is still under water and was visible for quite sometime during the 2004 Tsunami when the water receded.

There was a temple while we enter Dhanushkodi. The belief is that, Vibishanan, brother of Ravanan, was crowned as the king of Srilanka in that spot by Rama (in the epic Ramayana). There are paintings inside the temple depicting the events of the ceremony and the important incidents in Ramayana involving Vibishanan.


We started towards the town and once we reached, we found that we were only at the entrance. There are vans that take us to the actual town. They charge us Rs. 150 per head. The van took us through rough sands and beach waters! Through out the way, we can see dunes of sand which are the left overs of the sea. The sea had calm waters with an innocent look as if it never took over the town!





It took 20 minutes of adventurous ride to reach there. A few shops have come up commercialising the area, owing to the large number of tourists visiting the spot. Even roads are coming up making it easier for everyone to reach there in future. We were granted 30 mins over there and we took a walk to look around.

There was a church or whatever is left of the church, which just few of its walls and the altar.




Beside the church was the police quarters.


The remains of the Lord Rama temple.

We also spotted a big post office amidst the ruins. We entered it and found it nearly submerged in sand.

We could also see few houses here and there.

Near the beach, there is a small temple with a priest.

The place will make us rethink our view about life. One moment the town was flourishing with people and the other moment it was declared unfit to live. The place reminded us that, when it comes to nature, we have absolutely no chance against it! And, that we have to appreciate the wonderful life when we have still got! The place itself is a living reminder of that. With mixed feelings and memories, we returned back in the same van.

I would recommend everyone to visit this place at least once, as you get to see the ruins of an old town, plus a thrilling ride on a beach! 😀

Happy Travelling! 🙂


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