Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Eternal Duties of Human Beings

Arjuna questions Lord Krishna that if we are to give importance only to spiritual knowledge and not on any actions and their outcomes, why is he forcing him to do such an action of war. Lord Krishna replies that there are two kinds of faith – religious practice through having spiritual knowledge and religious practice through doing actions. A person who doesn’t begin doing an action or abstaining himself from doing it, doesn’t gain spiritual knowledge. There is no one in this world who is not involved in any activity even for a moment. A few who claim that they have control over their senses, but actually think about attractions of the wordly objects are called as hypocrites or pretenders. But, a person who does an action after actually conquering all his desires is considered superior to the hypocrites. In the beginning, Bhramha created all the beings with a sacrifice to the Supreme Lord and that sacrifices will help human prosper with the blessings of demigods. Demigods, due to that sacrifice, will quench all the desires of humans. One who only enjoys those which are provided by those demigods without sacrificial thoughts and lives only for himself is considered as a thief. While, others are relieved from all their sins. People tend to follow their leaders. So, if their leaders are only into attaining spiritual knowledge, their followers also will stop doing actions. Though I have no actions to be done, still I have to keep doing something to prevent misleading everyone. Nature is driving us to do actions. But ignorants think that they are actually doing it. Wise people doesn’t even have to correct these people. They should concentrate only on doing their actions and even dying while doing it will only give them greatness. Performing duties of someone else will only bring fears. He also mentions that desire and anger are the reasons for driving people towards sins. They will cloud the knowledge gained. Hence, he asks Arjuna to fight without any desire and perform his Vedic duties as such an act will lead him to the Almighty.

This is the summary of Chapter 3 of Bhagavad Gita.

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