Why Do Ants Go In a Straight Line?


Every once in a while, you can see a trail of ants going straight across your walls or floors. Before you get an urge to ‘huff and puff’ it away or suck it to dust with a vacuum cleaner, have you ever wondered why they follow suit?

They are not just walking behind someone’s back. They are actually following a scent, called pheromone, released from its abdominal glands, by the leaders or the ants that they are following. So, why not go alone leaving this scent, come back home happily following it and call it a day? Nah, there lies a hole in that plot! The pheromones evaporate quickly and needs to be renewed continuously. Hence, the trail of ants follow the scent as well as produce the scent to keep it active.

The basic principle is ‘to stick together during thick and thin’ and ‘to find a way back to home sweet home’!

Now, that’s something we should learn from them!

Have a happy wow day!!! 😀


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