Welcome to the paranormal part of my blog!

In this page, I’m going to share the science behind certain incidents which we categorize as paranormal activities. This is more like a collection of information gathered from various websites and blogs to maintain as a summarized central repository, and hence, all the rights and credits goes to the respective websites.

The reason for my research in this area, is my loss of two important people in my life – My Grandma & My Jimmy (Pet, who was never a pet, but a part of my family). I was quite burnt out after they passed away and hence started this research trying to understand the scientific perspective of paranormal and supernatural behaviours. I’m not a pro in research and I would welcome any subjective comments. I’m posting the information which I learnt, and continuing to learn, from various sites. I’d also highly appreciate you to post relevant links or information in the comments section, so that, together, we all can learn!

The topics I intend to cover are related to supernatural behaviors. Some posts might not be suitable for the faint-hearts, and if it is so, it will be mentioned in the title.

I, also, gladly welcome suggestions on topics which I can research and post further.

Thanks for reading my posts! 🙂


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