Today’s Hitchhiker’s Guide – King Sejong Statue

Today’s Hitchhiker’s Guide is about the King Sejong statue in Seoul, South Korea.

str2_ev_1801_zhseoul_king sejong

The King Sejong statue in the national landmark Gwanghawmun Square is one of the most notable monuments in Seoul and was erected to celebrate the King and his achievements.

A little about King Sejong, the Great:

Sejong was the fourth king of the Korean’s Joseon dynasty. Once he became the King in 1418, he revolutionized the government by appointing people from different social classes as civil servants. He, also, strongly believed in Confucianism and he encouraged his people to follow the same.

He maintained good relationships with other dynasties like Ming of China and signed agreements that hugely benefited the Joseon dynasty. He was also a great military planner, who supported the use of advanced military technology including cannons. His most notable military expedition was against the Japanese pirates of the Tsushima Island.

He supported literature and he wrote the farmer’s handbook to help farmers implement new cultivating techniques. He was also the founder of hangul, the native phonetic alphabet system for the Korean language.

Back to the statue:

A celestial globe, a rain gauge, and a sundial is kept in front of the statue which were created by Jang Yeong-sil, the great scientist and astronomer during his reign. The king’s achievements are carved in 6 columns behind the statue. There is also an underground passage to the Sejong’s museum. There is ‘Waterway of History,’ a stream that flows around the statue over the tiles which are inscribed by the Korean history.

The statue remains as a memory of the great king Sejong, who abolished discrimination among social classes and who entirely lived for the welfare of his people.

Please post your valuable comments about your experience to this statue and the museum!

Happy travelling!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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