My favourite TV Series !!!

Hey All,

Today in My Space, I’m going to share about the TV series which I recently started watching and in which I got completely lost! 😀

The TV Series “The Vampire Diaries” is the one which got me completely addicted to it! The story revolves around three vampires Elena, Stefan and Damon, where Stefan (the good one) and Damon (the bad one) are brothers. Though Stefan is a good guy, I feel he is kind of boring 😛 !!! Damon is way too cool!!! 😀

I usually download and watch the videos through kickass torrents. And, trust me, you cannot stop watching the videos one after the other. I’m currently in Season 5 Episode 12 and everyday it’s getting more and more thrilling! Though the earlier episodes were lot more fun, still its worth watching! The plot gets more intense and cruel with every season, which makes it more interesting. Though it involves so much of blood, it’s not THAT disgusting!

The good thing in the Vampire Diaries is, if someone dies, there are always so many chances that they will come back alive some day! Because we have a handy-dandy witch, Bonnie! 🙂 She is also one of the most important character. And, there is one friendly face, Caroline! She is a friend for everyone, including the villain :D. I, especially, like the Claus – Caroline sequences, where Claus tries to impress her and Caroline insults him. It will be more like a child fight :D. And, then there is Matt, who always cares for Elena, but still remains a human. I don’t like Tyler much,  because of his alpha nature :P, but still he is on the good side. And, Jeremy, Elena’s brother is a caring person. And, I don’t like him and Bonnie together, don’t know why 😦 ! Catherine is a selfish vampire! I don’t like her attitude, personally! 😛

And, in the Original vampires, there is Alisha, who is a loyal person and is a man of honours. I like him the most in the Original vampire family. Rebecca, his sister, is an emotional vampire who easily falls in trap and finds it hard to stop trusting wrong people. I don’t like Claus much, as he is a cruel person, but I forgive him when he is with Caroline :P.

Overall, the series is fantastic and I’m restraining myself from watching more than one video per day. Trust me, it’s way too difficult! 😛

To be crisp, The Vampire Diaries is the BEST !!! 😀

The Vampire Diaries

Are you into Vampire Diaries?

Please leave a comment on who is your favourite character and the reason you like them… 🙂 I’d love to hear it!

Have a good one!


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